Transforming lives: The NEW Activity Choice Folder empowering people with a disability

New activity choice folder, transforming lives

I am so happy to introduce our New Activity Choice Folder. The perfect easy-to-use resource to prompt individuals with a disability, in particular people with Autism, to make their own choices, build skills, encouraging social interactions and Community participation through picture exchange. With a comprehensive focus on building skills, this resource serves as a versatile tool to empower individuals in working towards independent living.

I spent years building my own choice and activity decision-making folder for my son; now, I am excited to share this simple and newly improved, visual communication system with others.

The making of the Activity Choice Folder for choice and control

Like every parent, there was an urgent, manic need to support my son to develop as many skills as quickly as possible. Visual supports (picture exchange) for decision-making and skill-building were life-changing. This simple picture exchange process opens many opportunities for people with a disability.
Pairing visual supports with verbal words/instruction speeds up the auditory process, dramatically increasing expressive and receptive language.
For many years, I gathered real-life photographs to prompt decision-making, encourage less stimulating activities, increase skills, and, most notably, understand our world.
Working in the disability sector, I also looked at people’s goals: being supported at home and in supported accommodation. When creating the Activity Choice Folder, I included activities that help individuals, both children and adults, meet their goals, such as writing your name, interacting, cooking, toileting, etc.
Life is hectic, so it was essential to have everything in one folder that is user-friendly and can be transported to different locations.

Activity choice folder empowering people through picture exchange

A closer look: the critical product features and benefits of the Activity Choice Folder

Enhancing decision-making

Learning to transition from one activity to another.

The pack includes a Now and Next Board, sometimes called a This and Then board. The beauty of the Now and Next board is that individuals can see what activity they are doing now and what is coming next, leading to a smoother transition from one activity to another and encouraging less desirable activities.  

The Finish Line!

The finish line represents an end to the activity. This can reduce the stress that may lead to behaviours. There is no need for a separate, finish box.

Clear images with Velcro

All images are clear with white backgrounds where possible, reducing confusion and making for a more accurate choice.

Portable, no need for charging.

All visuals are neatly packed in one folder. As the folder is compact with everything you need, you can move it from room to room, take it on holidays, or to family and friends’ houses. No device, no need for charging!

decision making skills for people with a disability

Some of the many benefits:

  • Pairing visual supports with verbal words/instruction speeds up the auditory process, dramatically increasing expressive and receptive language.
  • Encouraging the development of independent living skills, such as toileting, social skills, and domestic tasks.
  • Developing cognitive skills for transition to school, support in the classroom, and everyday living. We are all forever learning and evolving!
  • A comprehensive range of different activities to support decision-making skills.
  • Enhancing a smooth transition from one activity to another.
  • Exercise and mindfulness prompts for improved health and well-being.
  • Supporting people to meet their NDIS goals.
  • This tangible resource can be used in conjunction with regular therapy and other AAC devices.
  • A resource to work alongside Occupational Therapists, Behaviour Clinicians and Speech Therapists.
  • Encouraging different places in the Community to visit and a range of new social experiences.

My experiences implementing the Activity Choice Folder

I found when I was home, I would always feel like I was not doing enough, in between early intervention, I felt lost, I felt like I was chasing my tail all the time. How can I make good use of my time at home in between early intervention sessions? It took me years to make my own similar Activity Choice Folder, but what a difference it made to my and my son’s life. I finally felt like I was making ground and, even better, connecting with him. We would use the Activity Choice Folder several times throughout the day to do skill-building, choice-making, and getting ready for school activities.
My son took the Activity Folder to his preschool; I taught his teacher how to use the visuals to engage with him, do activities alongside other children, and learn social skills and skills to prepare him for school.
We took the folder on holidays, to Nan’s place; I even took it with my son when he went to the Hospital, so he didn’t get bored.

The Activity Choice Folder is the perfect resource to build skills and support people to meet their goals.

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Alison Mooney

I am a mother first, Blogger and Founder of See-n-Speak Communication Picture Exchange resources for people with a Disability. Sharing our resources and knowledge successfully using picture exchange as a form of communication with our child.