Free tips & support strategy with every resource pack

All our visual communication packs comes with tips and support strategies on how to best use and get the most out of your resources for optimum language and learning.

Contact us for Support

If you are unsure of which pack to purchase, contact us and we can run through where your child or the person you are supporting is at and what picture resources would be best to begin with.

Free Demonstration

Let us show you how we used picture exchange for communication in our house and how they can help you and your next support group or playgroup. (location pending)

Custom Made Packs

We want to work with you to develop custom made packs that suit your child or the person you are supporting needs and individual routine.

Our Blog

You can read all about our experiences and what worked for us in developing language, learning and social engagement through picture exchange for our son.

Simple and real strategies and experiences for engagement, developing receptive, expressive language and new skills.