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Custom make your own visual communication keyring. Autism & Disability supports

NDIS Autism DIsabilty custom made communication supports

Choose from over 60 images to custom make your own visual, communication and behaviour support  keyring. A visual communication aid for people with Autism and language disorders to be able to carry with them, to express their needs, wants, behaviours, emotions and more. We believe everyone contributes to society and everyone’s situation is unique to…

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I am not a Speech Pathologist, I am a mum first.

Augmentative & Alternative communication strategies speech

I get asked all the time if I am a Speech Pathologist. I am not, I am a mum, who backed up every day oral speech with pictures. Opening up a world of language and interaction for my then non-verbal son. A term used for this type of therapy is Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC).…

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