Surviving the holidays! Yogic breath, breathing exercises to stay calm.

Holidays can be a challenging time for some people that don’t like a change to their routine, in particular, people with Autism. Not only is this an anxious time for the person but also for family members and carers.

It is important, we all take some time for self-care. I am a yoga teacher and want to share with you a short Pranayama (yogic breath) practice, you can do each day, to calm the mind, lower blood pressure, reduce stress and will allow you to reset and find internal peace.

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You only need a few minutes each day. I like to wake early for my practice.

Here are a few tips:
• Try to wake up early, if possible, before anyone else.
• Find a quiet space, I like to be in the garden amongst nature.
• Begin seated, in a comfortable position.

Pranayama (yogic breath) practice:

  • Sit Comfortably with a tall spine
  • Let your hands relax in your lap.
  • Soften your eyes closed, relax your shoulders, relax your jaw
  • Bring your awareness to your breath
  • Take a few slow even breaths, in and out
  • On your next inhale, inhale deep all the way to the pit of your belly, to the count of 4
  • Exhale to the count of 6
  • Repeat for 6 rounds
  • During your practice, if any thoughts come to mind, try and push them away, instead bringing your awareness to your breath or the noises in your environment, such as the birds chirping.
  • Refrain from practicing pranayama breath work. if you have low blood pressure, you are tired or are congested.

  • Some other supports that might help with reducing your child or the person you are supportings, anxiety, at this time, are:

    Weekly Picture Schedules – great for preparing someone when there is change to their routine and reduces anxiety, by showing pictures of what activities, they are doing that day.
    Daily Picture Schedule – developing routines through pictures is a great way of adding structure, to someone’s life.
    Play/Activity Folder – Wonderful resource for supporting someone to have a say in what activity they want to do. Giving a person choice and control.


    Alison Mooney
    Yoga Teacher
    Founder See-n-Speak

    [email protected]

    Alison Mooney

    I am a mother first, Blogger and Founder of See-n-Speak Communication Picture Exchange resources for people with a Disability. Sharing our resources and knowledge successfully using picture exchange as a form of communication with our child.

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