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Now & Next Daily Preschool Routine - Wall Schedule

Now & Next Daily Preschool Routine - Wall Schedule

Now & Next Preschool Routine
Daily Routine Childcare

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Wall Schedule

A sequence of Visual Aids (picture cards) designed to help the child process the activity they are doing now and transition to the activity they are doing next.


Develop routines and adds structure, transitioning, prompts language, learning, independence, interaction, reduces anxiety and behaviours.
Ready to use! Saving you time, printing, cutting and laminating.

Pack includes:

  • Schedule Board – Corflute Board, 25cm L x 70cm W, with Velcro
  • 15 individual picture cards – PVC cards (85x55), rounded corner, clear white background, labelled with Velcro
  • Tips sheet

Picture cards included:

Unpack Bag, Circle Time, Craft, Indoor Play 1, Indoor Play 2, Toilet & Wash Hands, Morning Tea, Outdoor Play 1, Outdoor Play 2, Water Play, Sensory Play, Sensory Play with Paint, Wash Hands, Lunch, Rest Time, Music, Storytime, Finish, Pack Bag and Finish Home. Add your own visuals to the Library.