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All picture cards are 85×55, printed on high durable, long lasting PVC cards.  cards are labelled with Velcro attached and have clear background for less distraction. Daily & Weekly planners and schedules are printed on corflute boards. View products for dimensions.


Food Choice Folder

  • A picture exchange communication system that allows people to make their own choices of what they would like to eat, learn food labels, try new foods and expand ones diet.

Let’s Play Choice Folder

  • A picture exchange system that allows children to make their own activity choices, learn new skills, concentration, prompt communication, interaction, readiness for school and social skills.

Weekly Calendar

  • A weekly schedule that shows a daily picture of where they are going will add structure to their day, understand where they are going, learn the names of places in the Community, and relieve anxiety and behaviours.

Now & Next Daily Routine Pack

  • Home – A sequence of visuals show the routine and helps transition through each step to complete the routine. This pack includes Morning, Afternoon and Bedtime routines.
  • Childcare – A sequence of visuals show what the child is doing now and what is coming next. Pack comes with a full day of visual activities which allows for transitioning, build routine, relieving anxiety and unwanted behaviours.
  • Primary & Secondary School – A sequence of visuals to prompt transitioning of each daily activity including all Key Learning Areas.

Self Care Routine Picture Book

  • A sequence of pictures to show each step of a self-care routine, bathing, washing hair, getting dressed, brushing teeth. Developing independence and new skills.

Toilet Training Package

  • A visual sequence of activities to support toilet training and washing hands.

Social Keyring

  • A range of positive behaviour support and social skills cards to carry with you when at home, Childcare or out in the Community.

I want Keyring

  • A range of visual hand cards of basic needs and wants to help people use as a tool to communicate what they want.

Emotions Keyring

  • Visual Supports to help people recognise facial expressions and the emotions behind them. Learn and relate to how the person is feeling and how others are feeling.

Student Instruction Keyring

  • A visual resource for teachers to use to support verbal instructions of tasks and activities in the classroom/Childcare Centre.

Bundle & Save 10% off

  • Home Starter PackWe have packaged together the 3 resources we used to get started at home, Lets Play Folder, Food Folder, Weekly Calendar.
  • Preschool Pack Includes: Let’s Play Folder, Now & Next Preschool Routine (Desk, small or large), Toileting Pack, I Want Keyring, Emotions Keyring, Social Keyring and Student Instruction Keyring.
  • School Pack includes: Let’s Play Folder, Now & Next School Routine (Desk, small or large), Social Keyring, Student Instruction Keyring.

Childcare & School visual supports

We also provide visual communication aids to support teachers and students in Preschool/Childcare Centres and School environments.

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