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Visual supports for skill building, language and learning!

See-n-Speak is a registered NDIS Service Provider of low-cost Assistive Technology and Consumables

Picture Cards & Communication Boards - All picture cards are 85x55, printed on high durable, long lasting PVC cards.  cards are labelled with Velcro attached and have clear background for less distraction. Daily & Weekly planners and schedules are printed on corflute boards.

NEW !! Activity Choice Folder

Looking for ways to support a person to build skills? This product is the perfect resource to build skills, increase exercise, visit places in the community, enjoy new social experiences, interaction and social skills for people with a disability. Folder comes with skill building picture cards, choice board and now and next board.

Activities and community access visual supports

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Food Choice Folder

A picture exchange communication system that allows people to make their own choices of what they would like to eat, learn food labels, try new foods and expand ones diet.

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Weekly Calendar

Wanting to build structure and routine? This brightly coloured Weekly Planner with clear picture cards of places in the Community, will do just that.  People with a disability thrive on routine, routine

can reduce anxiety that can lead to behaviours.

. Weekly picture schedule to build structure and routine for people with a disability

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Now & Next Daily Routine Pack

This routine pack includes a wall schedule for your morning, afternoon and bedtime routine visual supports. The pack is a resource to build independent living skills, structure and routine to the persons day.

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Home Routine Visual Pack - Save 10%

3 resources in 1 pack for all your visual supports to get started picture exchange as a form of communication at home. Pack includes Activity Choice Folder, Food Choice Folder and Weekly Picture Schedule.

3 in 1 home visual support starter pack

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Daily and Weekly Routine Combo Pack - SAVE 10%

2 resources in 1 pack to get started building a daily and weekly routine using visual supports. Pack includes a Weekly Calendar board and daily sequence board to attach to your wall. Build structure and routine to a persons life. Pack includes: Now & Next Home Routine Pack and Weekly Calendar.

Daily and Weekly visual supports. Daily and weekly picture schedules for structure and routine

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Social Keyring

Wonderful clear images demonstrating acceptable behaviour and social skills.

Visuals (picture cards) support people with a disability to understand socially acceptable behaviour and keeping people safe when out in the Community.

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I want Keyring

Great resource for supporting a person to express their basic needs and wants, through picture exchange.

I want visual support keyring

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Emotions Keyring

These clear visual supports are a great resource for people with a disability to understand how they and others are feeling and learn different facial expressions to match the emotion.

Emotions and feelings visual supports

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I Want Toilet Keyring

A toilet training resource to learn each step of going to the toilet and washing hands.  Skill building activity.


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Self Care Routine Picture Book

A clear skill building routine demonstrating each step of a personal care routine. Supporting a person to develop their own skills in bathing, washing hair, getting dressed and brushing teeth. A resource for a persons dignity.

personal care skill building visual supports

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Preschool and School Visual Support Packages

We also provide a range of visual support packages for Preschool age children to develop a daily routine at their Day Care Centre and prompt social, cognitive and engagement skills.

More information to come. Visit our online store for all our Preschool and School visual support packages


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