Custom make your own visual communication keyring. Autism & Disability supports

Choose from over 60 images to custom make your own visual, communication and behaviour support  keyring.

A visual communication aid for people with Autism and language disorders to be able to carry with them, to express their needs, wants, behaviours, emotions and more.

Autism Disability Custom Made Picture communication cards NDIS service Provider

We believe everyone contributes to society and everyone’s situation is unique to themselves.

This is why, See-n-Speak is proud to be able to offer a person centred approach to providing communication aids for people with a disability.

We are now allowing people to choose what picture hand cards they want on their communication keyring, images that suit their individual needs and environment.

How it works:

Simply choose any of the picture cards listed below and we will print them for you on PVC cards and attach them to a portable keyring.

Picture   Picture
Wants & Needs Feelings and Emotions
I want drink I am happy
I want to eat I am sad
I want bag I am excited
I want jacket I am anxious
I want hat I am proud
I want toilet I am shy
I want wash hands I am surprised
I want tissue I am hurt
I want toys I am scared
I want Ipad I am angry
I want TV I am sick
I want rest Toilet Training and Washing Hands
I am sick I want toilet
Behaviour Support Sit on toilet and wee or poo
Hello Use toilet paper
Goodbye Flush toilet
Good waiting Go to sink
Hold hands Turn tap on
Good listening Wet hands
Quiet please Put soap on hands
Good sharing Rub hands together
Pack away Turn tap off
Good boy Wipe hands on towel
Stop Student Instructions
No running Sit at desk
No climbing Sit on floor
No yelling Cross legs
No Biting Hand up
No Pinching Follow teacher
No pushing Listen to teacher
No hitting Look at teacher
Seat belt on Line up in front of teacher
Don’t touch hot Put rubbish in bin
No Quiet reading
Finish Pack books away


























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  • If there is a picture that you want but is not on the list above, Email us what it is and we can source it for you.
  • Want to know more about building your own Weekly Picture Schedule? Email us and we will send you a list of images to choose from to add to your schedule.

See-n-Speak is an Australian NDIS Provider of visual communication aids. For more information visit

Alison Mooney

I am a mother first, Blogger and Founder of See-n-Speak Communication Picture Exchange resources for people with a Disability. Sharing our resources and knowledge successfully using picture exchange as a form of communication with our child.

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