Build Self-Esteem Through Picture Exchange, Sequences, And Schedules

Build self esteem through picture exchange and schedules for people with a disability

Let’s work together to build people’s confidence by giving individuals with a disability, the visual tools they need to have a voice, make choices, and do as many personal care and domestic tasks for themselves as possible.

Building skills increases self-esteem

Some individuals with a disability would like to be supported to do things for themselves instead of having everything done for them. Support people with a disability to feel the same pride that we all do when completing a task or learning a new skill.

Building self-esteem starts with being able to make your own choices

Build independence by reducing the time you spend doing for the person and instead spend the time supporting the individual to do tasks and make choices for themselves.

Switching from a caring role to being person-centered role in your support can be difficult, particularly if the individual you support has limited verbal and expressive communication. The best way to build a person’s self-esteem is to support them in doing as many personal Care and domestic tasks and being able to make their own choices, as possible.

Visual supports for making choices and building self esteem for people with a disability

Visuals support skill building

There can be many ways we can support a person to learn new skills by demonstration, hand over hand support and showing visuals of a sequence of events.

Visuals support a person to:

  • Feel safe and in control by knowing and having a say about their daily routine.
  • Have a say in daily activities. 
  • Understand feelings and emotions.
  • Being able to make choices
  • Learning new skills, having the dignity to do tasks in particular personal care tasks.

See-n-Speak provide quality, clear visual supports that empower people with a disability to live their best, independent life. We are a registered NDIS Provider of tangible communication aids, we aim to save, parents, educators and therapists time. Stay up to date and subscribe to our newsletter or visit our website for more tips on picture exchange support language and learning.

Alison Mooney

I am a mother first, Blogger and Founder of See-n-Speak Communication Picture Exchange resources for people with a Disability. Sharing our resources and knowledge successfully using picture exchange as a form of communication with our child.