About Us

“We made visual aids (photographic cards) for our son to use as a form of communication, they were so successful for us, we want to make them for you too”.

Alison Mooney, Founder of See-n-Speak


At the age of 2 and a half, my gorgeous son had only 3 words. After Participating in many different early intervention programs we soon realised that visual aids (pictures) could be used for learning and to prompt communication and build receptive and expressive language.


 We spent many, many hours, labelling, printing and laminating photographs that he could use as a picture exchange system to make his own choices.

Step by step visual routines and schedules were developed to help him understand each step of the routine. Daily, Weekly schedules and Self-Care Routines were quickly established, creating independence and a sense of structure to his life. Portable visual prompts for learning acceptable behaviours, social skills, emotions and toileting when at home and in the community, cards were made to help him express his needs and wants.

We also used visual supports to prompt activities and skills needed for getting ready for school. That led us to make them for his Childcare centre and then his Primary School.


 All our visual packs we used at home and in a Childcare environment were so successful, we started to make them for our Speech therapists, Childcare Centres and other families, hence See-n-Speak was born.

They benefit people with a disability, in particular reference to people with Autism, Aspergers, Down Syndrome, learning and language developmental disorders, Auditory Processing Difficulties, Dementia, English as a second language.