Toilet training – 6 ways to help people with limited language

toilet training tips. communication, autism, non verbal,

Toilet training a toddler or a person with a disability can be a challenge, for the person themselves it can be an extremely confusing time. Children/Adults with Autism and communication impairments are at most visual learners, pictures, photos, line drawings, words can help them understand what is being asked of them.  Sometimes just asking someone…

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Why use pictorial schedules for someone who is non-verbal

Pictorial, schedules, routines, autism, communication, disorders

Daily and Weekly Pictorial Schedules and Timetables are a visual learning tool for people with Autism and communication impairments to use to develop routine and structure to their world. Can you imagine not knowing what is happening now, what is coming next? Where you are going, who you are visiting, who is visiting you, what…

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Behaviour & safety tips, when accessing the Community

Behaviour, safety children, autism, disability

Is your child a runner or do you worry about the safety of the person you are supporting safety? Here I share some of my behaviour support strategies I used when accessing the Community. I think of all the times when I would pull up in our car, at our destination and I would say, till…

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