Registered NDIS Provider of Assistive Technology. Picture communication cards and boards for people with Autism, language & learning disorders.

Adults & Aged Care

Picture communication aids specifically for adults and aged care with a disability including dementia

Custom Made Packages

Custom Made Packages to suit the needs of the individual and Ready Made Support Packages to use at home, childcare and school.

Free Demonstrations & Support

Free Demonstrations for Support Groups, Therapists, Childcare, School & Disability Service Providers.

Our Story

We made visual communication packages for our son to use as a tool to communicate, interact with us, understand his environment and make his own choices. They were so successful for us, we created See-n-Speak to help others.
He is our guarantee.


I wanted to congratulate you

I wanted to congratulate you on making a wonderful communication concept for these kids. I am sure the car keyring and pictures of places to visit will help Toby relieve anxiety on his outing.

Thank you, Sherie & Toby

I really like your products

We started using the calendar and he likes it, sticking pictures on the board because it is how they do it in school. Before we had something similar but I found this much better. When he gets older, we will try using the food folder more. I really like your products and I find them very useful.

Also, my Speech Therapist recommended it.

Regards, Ines