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Picture Communication Cards and Schedules


Your NDIS Provider of effective picture communication cards for people with Autism, limited language.

Are you seeking to boost functional communication for people with a Autism, who are non verbal?

As an accredited NDIS provider, we offer specially designed picture communication systems, cards and routine boards.

Envision a world where communication is no longer a barrier—our visual aids bridge gaps, fostering understanding and connection.

Don't wait to make a difference. Explore our innovative, user-friendly visual aids today.

Picture based communication boards & cards

Take a look at our picture communication routine boards, schedules & picture exchange cards for language & learning.

Picture Exchange Choice Folders

Take a look at our picture exchange choice folders. Play activities and food.

Communication & Behaviour Support Keyring

Take a look at our wide range of picture communication keyrings for express wants, positive behaviour & emotions.

Our Story

We made visual communication packages for our son to use as a tool to communicate, interact with us, understand his environment and make his own choices. They were so successful for us, we created See-n-Speak to help others.
He is our guarantee.


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You will find tips on communication aids to prompt language and learning, product and Industry updates.

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