Well here goes, My first blog post! I am hoping to be able to share through my blog the strategies I used to help my son with Autism communicate and interact with me through the use of visual aids.

After my sons diagnosis as a toddler with mild Autism but severe communication delay I became manic, obsessed with trying every possible early intervention program and treatment available. My poor kids I dragged them around to different therapies all day long.

One thing that did come from all of this, was the importance of using visual aids to help with breaking down the language barrier.

We started with making a play and food folder full of visual prompts to help him make his own choices. A weekly calendar to show him where he was going. Support visuals to help him understand what is acceptable behaviour, toileting, emotions and visual routines.

This probably sounds overwhelming but it is the best thing I could have done at the time, slow down our lifestyle and create visuals to help him make sense of the world to which we live. It took sometime for him to understand the concept but once he did I seen a decrease in his anxiety, a more relaxed and happy child and some attempts at communication.

They say people with Autism are 90% visual and 10% auditory. So it makes sense to replace the auditory with the visual. Visual aids can help not only people with Autism and additional needs but also toddlers, english as a second language and the aged care.

Comment if your stuck and don’t know where to begin, I might be able to help!

Great day everyone x

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