A wise educated lady once told me
“Stop talking in order to encourage your son to talk”.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, really.. Me stop Talking
Let me get his right, you want me to stop talking so that my son (who was shy and non-verbal at the time) to start talking, interacting and looking at my face for affirmation.
I thought she was crazy!. It took me a long time to get my head around it but I am so glad now that I persisted with this strategy and began to start implementing it our everyday lives.

Many of us find it difficult to look people in the eye, not just people who are shy but toddlers who are first learning new social skills, people with Autism, Down Syndrome, Additional Needs, Auditory processing difficulties and people with language and learning difficulties.

Still it sounded crazy, but hey what did we have to lose
This made no sense at all to me at the time, but hey it was worth a try!

Let’s give this “no talking thing” a crack
I started to put this into practice, using objects around the house to practice with.

Make a choice between 2 DVD’s to watch.. Ssssh stay quiet
Offering a choice of 2 DVD to watch, usually I would ramble on about which one to pick, verbally smothering him in words to get him to make a choice, instead this time I said nothing and waited.
A small amount of time had passed and then BINGO, a look straight into the eye (which was always difficult). Looking for affirmation as what to do next. Once this magical form of interaction occurred, still silent I encourage him to point or attempt to verbalise which DVD he wanted to watch.

This process was just one integral part in the initial stages of getting our son to interact with us and the start of his communication. I started to use this strategy for many situations in our lives.

The biggest hurdle we faced was remembering to be quiet.

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