Don’t make these school holidays tiresome, use the time to achieve results in encouraging eye contact, communication and interaction with your toddler, child with autism or language and/or learning difficulties.

The school holidays is the perfect opportunity if possible to slow your lifestyle down and work on skills such as making own choices, social skills, eye gazing, expressive and receptive language.

In previous blogs I have recommended strategies I used to work on improving eye contact/ eye gazing whilst spending previous time at our local park.

The Swings

Push your child gently from the front, slowly bring your child to a holt, be silent, when eye contact or eye gazing is met, reward by start to push again.

The Slippery Dip

Whilst your child sits at the top of the slide, hold your child there, say nothing, once eye contact or eye gazing has been met, reward by releasing them down the slide.

If your child is non-verbal don’t forget to show a visual of a park before you leave the house, finish symbol when leaving the park. At the end of the day work on his/her episodic memory by talking about what you did at the park whilst looking at the visual support.

Utilising your time at the park autism, language & learning

Work on eye contact, communication and interaction at the park, toddlers, autism, language and learning

Weekly calendar & 28 visual prompts

Encourage food indepence and diet

Motivate your toddler, child with Autism, language and/or learning difficulties to give a verbal or non-verbal attempt to tell you what they want to eat.
Take the time to get your child to pick his/her own food by using a visual pecs system instead of simply giving your child what you know they like because your in a hurry. Dont miss any opportunity to work on eye contact, labels of food and attempting to say or point to the food item.

If McDonald’s is a favourite activity in the school holidays, take your visual prompts with you so he/she can make their own choice. “Do you want chicken nuggets or fries?”.

Making own food choices, toddler, Autism, Language & Learning

Take the time to get your child to make their own food choices by using a pecs system

Food visual prompts can be found in the Food Directory

All our tips are simple strategies used when our lifestyles slow down and when an opportunity arises such as school holidays to help our toddlers, children with Autism, language and/or learning difficulties work on skills such as eye gazing, language, learning and interaction.

Stay tuned for more visual strategies these school holidays. 🙂

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