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Folder comes with a FREE Tips booklet and Getting Ready for School Social Story.

What comes in the Lets Play Visual Folder system?

  • 40 visuals (pictures) play, academic, social activities individually cut, laminated, velcro attached.
  • Now & Next Sequence Board
  • Choice Board
  • FREE Tips booklet - gives tips on how best to use your new Lets Play Folder
  • FREE Social Story - Getting Ready for School
  • Packed together in a neat folder

Why use visual supports to prompt play?

Some toddlers and  children with Autism, Aspergers, Down Syndrome, Language and Learning disabilities have auditory processing difficulties and rely heavily on visuals (pictures/images) to help them comprehend what is being asked of them, encourage communication and support social skills and independence. Allows a process of picture exchange (PECS).

Prompting play activities by using visual supports can: 

  • expand a child's interests, independence and flexibility
  • encourage interaction, communication, choice-making and eye contact.
  • learn social skills and expand one's academic skills
  • help transition from one activity to another.

How can a choice board or sequence board help my child?

A visual choice-board can help your child make his/her own choice and gives an opportunity to choose something new to play with instead of the same things, which will develop new skills and opportunities for interaction.

The visual sequence board allows your child to comprehend what we are doing now and what is coming next. When you are finished with an activity you can drop it down to the finish line. Helps with transitioning from one activity to another.

.The photographic cards included are:

Fine MotorAcademicBuilding/ConstructiveImaginationGross Motor/Turn TakingRewards
Colouring inColoursBlocksAction figureBoard gameCooking
ScissorsBookTrain setCar Road MapBat & BallMorning Tea
PlaydoughActivityPuzzleMusicThomas the TankLunch
WorksheetIpad & Finish