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Free Delivery Australia Wide. Save 10% on Play, Food & Weekly Calendar bundled together in 1 pack.  All the visual aids you need to get started at home.

The Home Starter Pack is made up of 3 products that I used as a communication tool to help people with a disability, Autism, Down Syndrome, limited and/or no language understand where they are going, what they are doing now and what is coming next and make their own choices.
The Lets Play Pack has 40 different play, social & academic picture cards that you can attach to a choice-board or now & next board.  This way you are giving the person an opportunity to make their own choice on what they want to do and an opportunity for you to interact with them.  Placing pictures on the Now & Next board is a tool that will help you to encourage your child or the person you support to learn new skills by placing two pictures of activities followed by a reward or something they like to do.
The Food Folder has 40 different food picture cards, again allowing the person to make their own choice of what they want to eat by choosing of the choice board.
The Weekly Calendar has 30 places to visit picture cards plus sticky back felt to attach to the door or wall.  By placing a visual on the board and showing your child or the person you support where they are going will relieve their anxiety and build their receptive language.
All 3 are bundled together so that you save and can get started immediately offering pictures as a form of communication

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Let’s Play Visual FolderFood DirectoryWeekly Calendar
38 laminated & labelled play photographic cards with velcro36 laminated & labelled food photographic cards with velcro
A sheet of felt printed with the days of the week
A laminated choice boardA laminated choice board30 laminated & labelled outing photographic cards with velcro
A laminated Now & Next Board