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Free Delivery Australia Wide. Picture cards to help people with Autism, Developmental Delays choose a food to eat, learn the names of different foods and try something new to eat.

36 Visual photographic cards laminated and labelled with velcro of food items and a laminated choice board packaged into a neat folder. Portable folder to take with you if you are going on holidays or a visit to grandma's house!

Visuals will help toddlers, children with Autism and Language and Learning difficulties to make their own food choices through picture exchange, encourage eye contact, communication and interaction.

Visual Aids to prompt own food choices and expand ones diet.

Visual photographic cards included are:

Cereal 1SandwichSausagesMuesli barAppleMilk
Cereal 2Fruit SaladFish & ChipsYoghurtStrawberriesApple juice
Bacon & EggsHot ChipsLamb cutletsRice crackersPearOrange juice
ToastChicken NuggetsSpaghettiMuffinOrangeWater
Scrambled EggsPeanut ButterRoast chickenSultanasWatermelonYes
PancakesVegemiteRoast lambChipsBananaNo