Have you ever had your child run off as soon as the car door opens. It is frightening!
Toddlers, children with Autism, language and learning difficulties don’t always understand what is verbally being asked of them.

An image of “holding hands” can help with communicating the need for safety and what is expected for those who have difficulty processing verbal information.

If you are in the car and have just pulled up at school, shops or even the park, before the seat belt has been removed show the hold hands visual support, combine the visual with a verbal instruction “hold hands”. Keep it simple, don’t ramble on too much about how dangerous it is to run off, this can cause further confusion and may warrant to invest in a social story in the future. Keep in mind children with auditory processing difficulties can take time to understand the use of visual aids for communication. I know for us it took some time for the process to register.

hold hands visual for autism

Visual prompts to hold hands for chidlren with Autism, toddlers and language and learning difficulties

Teachers at school can carry a hold hands visual prompt in their pockets to help students understand what is being asked of them in the classroom and playground.

So next time, before your toddler, child with autism or language/learning difficulties get’s the opportunity to take off, visually remind them to hold hands. Social Behaviour Support Keyring.

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