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A communication tool to help people with Autism, speech, language and learning developmental disorders express what they want and need.

What visuals (pictures) are included in the I want keyring?

12 visual images with no background distraction of items your child might want but can say what they want.  Support him/her to show you a visual (picture) of what they want, such as I want drink, I want to eat, I want toilet. Encourage him/her to say what they want.

Who will benefit from using visual aids?

Toddlers, children and adults with a disability, Autism, Aspergers, Down Syndrome, language & communication disabilities, developmental delay, english as a second language.

How will visual aids help my child communicate?

Visual Aids are a concrete communication tool that helps people with limited or no language communicate through the visual, visual aids together with verbal communication can build receptive and expressive language. A picture exchange system (PECS) that can help people communicate what they want.

The photographic cards included are:

I want drinkI want thatI want toiletI want toys
I want to eatI want jacketI want to wash my handsI want DVD
I want tissueI want bagI want a restI want computer