• Home Starter Pack - all the visual supports you need to get started at home

    Everything you need bundled into one to get started with using visuals as a tool to help your child or the person you support communicate their needs and make their own choices.

  • http://www.seeandspeak.com.au/parent-therapist-product/social-keyring

    Disability & Autism communication supports. Portable visual hand cards prompting acceptable behaviour and social skills.

Welcome to our Online Store of ready made Visual Communication Routine & Choice Boards for people with a disability,  Autism, language, learning and ESL.

SAVE a further 10% off the Home Starter Pack.  Offer ends 26.9.16.

  • Parents- you will find a range of visual prompts on our parents page for children & adults. Communication prompts to help your child or the person you support communicate their needs, make their own choices, know where they are going, visual routine boards and choice boards that will guide them through their day or week. Positive behaviour and social cue cards.  Resources for parents
  • Speech & Occupational Therapists – Our packs are ready made, all our visual cue cards are cut, laminated & labelled, saving you time making them. Similar play, food & routine communication boards and visual cues to the ones you would make for your clients.  Speech Therapy resources
  • Preschool & Schools – Help make transitioning easier by showing a visual prompt for each step of their day, we have behaviour support keyring for the classroom and playground also.  Preschool visuals,  Primary School Visuals
  • Free DemonstrationsWe can custom make boards, visual prompts to suit your needs.

It’s here! The NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) is beginning the roll out to people with a disability across Australia. Visit the NDIS website for more information on reasonable and necessary supports for people with a disability.

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Our story helping our son communication with us.